Sticks and Stones in Reverse

Sticks and Stones in Reverse

We have six boys and young men in our home. There is plenty of opportunity to hurt feelings, bruised egos, anger, frustration and so much more. Can you just imagine the situation with two only children, two firstborns and two babies of the family? Whew! It gets messy sometimes.  But it’s a brave troop of […]

Think about Heaven

Think about Heaven It’s easy to be caught up in this world: political problems, personal problems, financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, employment problems, government problems,  etc. God has called us to a different standard. He reminds us we are not of this world. He guides us to think (dwell, ponder, mediate, consider, talk about, etc.) on […]

What are you searching for?


I asked our children which books/characters they knew better…  Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?  The Hobbit or Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe? Bernstein Bears or Veggie Tales? Super heros (Superman, Batman, Flash) vs the One True God? What was that? Yep. Do you know any or all of these better than your Savior, I ask […]



My friend is suffering. There are events in their life that they can not control yet effect them. It makes them (and me) feel so helpless. But that is not the end of the story because we have a mighty God! When we can do nothing about a situation… When we have nowhere else to […]

It is the courage to continue that co...

It is the courage to continue that counts

Be angry and do not sin

Be angry and do not sin

Can you be angry and not sin? The kids want to know. They don’t think so. God gives us the directive so I believe potential as well. I’ll share thoughts on how… Be angry and do not sin With three children we know all too well that you are not born with anger management skills. […]

Peace of Mind


   There are times I try to control everything, be perfect, do everything right. I am not very successful but I try. Harder I try the more I feel like a failure. I’m incredibly busy so it becomes the routine status quo. Strange thing is I often don’t even know it until someone points it […]

Love not in words but in actions and ...

Love not in words but in actions and truth. 

All summer our family focus has been “love is an action word”. I really had in mind stopping the bickering between the children. Then, when I ran across this meme the Lord convicted me how easy it is to say things and much harder to live them out.   Listen without interrupting. Proverbs 18 Speak without […]

3 FREE Tools for Building Faith


We are what we repeatedly do. ~Aristotle I don’t think Aristotle was a Christian but his quote struck home as I prepared to write this blog post. Today, we will talk about things that we do and how they influence us as I share with you three free tools you can use to build your […]

I Can’t See Where I’m Goi...


I have lived through various seasons and trials in life. Sometimes you can see the end result like finishing college or birthing the baby. This weekend, my life took an unexpected path… I do not know where it leads. It’s a bit scary.

Live in Peace

Live in Peace

It is strange but I do not remember bickering incessantly with my younger brothers. It was easy to live in peace. I was right; they were wrong. I don’t remember arguing the details with them. I bet they had different memories of a bossy older sister though.  Earlier this year, our 12 year old son […]

Trials and Blessings in Our Everyday ...

trials and blessings

Have you ever read the book of Job in the Bible? His story is of trials and blessings. He suffered greatly with one trial, then another, then another, then another, then… you get the drift. It was the devil’s attempt to get him to turn his heart from and blame God for all his problems. […]

Who will you serve?

Who will you serve?

The Lord was working in my heart yesterday… via Instagram

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