Hidden Toxins in Herbicide Covered Pr...

Hidden Toxins in Herbicide Covered Produce
This post is part of the Toxin-Free Family & Home Life course.

Round Up, the most widely used herbicide in the country, is sprayed on everything and ends up in our air and water. Much of our produce today is “Round Up Ready” meaning it is has been genetically modified (GMO) to withstand all the Round Up applications so that the plant thrives while weeds and pests […]

My husband left: a lesson in prioriti...

My husband left: a lesson in priorities

The title is a little too dramatic. He left on a 12 hour trip to pick up a new truck. Well “new to us”. He milked early this morning and quickly had to leave so he can be back before milking tomorrow morning. I hate when he’s gone.   Every time we are separated by any […]

Trials and Blessings in Our Everyday ...

trials and blessings

Have you ever read the book of Job in the Bible? His story is of trials and blessings. He suffered greatly with one trial, then another, then another, then another, then… you get the drift. It was the devil’s attempt to get him to turn his heart from and blame God for all his problems. […]

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