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Over the years we have found we have favorite resources that we recommend all the time. These are the things we use daily, make sure we never run out of, use occasionally but are hard to source, things I eat on my limited diet, books we have read, tools we use and much more. I wanted to make them available to you.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Many of these are affiliate links. That means I get a thank you check when someone uses the link to make a purchase. Please understand that I only recommend and list the resources I have used and benefited from. I will let you decide if you feel these products or services would benefit you.

It DOES NOT cost you anything extra but it does help us pay our bills and keep me motivated to work on this site. 🙂 We thank you deeply for using them and supporting us.


Young Living Partner I would love to visit with you about starting a business with Young Living like I have. It is one of my favorite adventures of all time so far. Helping others! Travel! Friends! Fun! And paying the bills! Sign up for the Premium Starter kit, send me an email and we will start your training today!
YL Business Tools For help when you don’t know how to give a class. 12 topics, all of them FDA compliant… These are the template to the classes I give.
Zyto Compass A wonderful tool to help others decide what to focus on, which essential oil and supplements would be best to try.
Marketing Scents The easiest way to get information about YL products to the people who are interested. *Note this is a sign for services link not a sign up for my emails link.
Life Science Publishers Books and videos to teach about essential oils. This is where I get the Essential Oil Desk Reference and Essential Oil Pocket Guide (the blue/purple books).
Abundant Health 4 U Books and videos to teach about essential oils. This is where I buy the Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils and the Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils (the white books).
Square The very best we have used for crefit card processing so far!! A special bonus for my readers, your first $1000 free when you use this link!


Host Monster For hosting your webpage. They have automatic installation of WordPress. Very convenient. We have been with them since 2004. Perfect? No, but they have spent many, many hours on the phone with me whenever I had trouble and talked me through how to solve it.
WordPress Simply the best there is for blogging.
Thesis Easiest WordPress theme to use by far! Highly recommend. Works great with Aweber (mentioned below). If you plan to blog for 13 months or more the Professional plan will pay for itself! I have used email support many, many, many times since 2004!
MailPoet My personal favorite plug in email service. It does require a bit more tenacity if you want to have it fully integrated but I am stubborn and like to monkey around with technology.
AWeber Most other people on the planet prefer this email client to send emails to customers. It didn’t work for me but it might be just right for you.


Franklin Covey I have used this day planner since 1991. I still love it just as much today as I did back then.
Post Planner Best thing ever for helping to connect on social media. They even have a free trial so what have you got to lose?
Evernote To track all your stuff no matter where you are
DropBox To dump info and easily find later.


Canon Simply the best dSLR made.
Photoshop Easily the premier photo editing software.

Canva for Work

Favorite meme maker for laptop and iPad. It doesn’t work on iPhones though.
Word Swag For making memes on a iPhone I prefer this sweet app!


FTCLDF We have always been careful to stay within the constraints of the law–it’s not that bad if you try. However, if the state decides they want to hassle you then you need friends in high places who know what they are talking about.
Joel Salatin We were changed forever after reading Joel Salatin’s books. We will always be grateful and it is where we encourage all dreaming farmers to start.
Tractor Supply Co  Though we shop around some, it seems we go back to TSC quite a bit. They even send us $5 coupons from time to time. Very encouraging when on a budget.


Find Real Food An app for travel! It can be hard to source grassfed beef, pastured eggs and raw milk when you are away from home. Here is a great app to help!
US Wellness Meat For all the more unusual items we do not have in large quantity: grassfed beef tallow, grassfed lamb, snack sticks!
RealMilk.com Very thorough listing of raw milk producers.
Eat Wild Wonderful if you are looking for research on grassfed health benefits, finding a producer in your area or looking for books.
Local Harvest Incredible location specific farmer finder!
Eat Well Guide Local, sustainable and organic farmer listings.
Lions Grip An unusual name for a great website with egg farm listings.
Radiant Life The best place to buy Fermented Cod Liver Oil is our farm. But not all of you are local. Radiant Life is such a great national resource. They carry so many other awesome products, too.
Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood Tony Woods, who lives in near Carbondale, IL, spends his summers fishing in Alaska so he can spend his winters in our area selling his salmon. You can find his amazing salmon in the Family Friendly Farm store.
Vital Choice If you need it delivered…this is the premium place to get quality seafood shipped to you. We love our local, Wild, Alaskan Salmon (see below) for all the people that can get to our store.
Mountain Rose Herbs Just the best place to buy bulk herbs.
Wise Choice Market The offer Great Lakes Gelatin, Grassfed Bone Broth and even… (drumroll please) Grassfed, Raw Cheese!
Honeyville Where I get all my almond flour for my grain-free cooking. the blanched flour doesn’t hurt my stomach.
Thrive Market My go-to place for all things seasoning. They offer the Simply Organic brand that is not diluted with other ingredients. Special offer for my readers…first two months FREE and 10% off your first order!
Azure Standard Coop Best prices for organic and natural foods delivered monthly. This is where I get my frozen blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, green beans and garden peas.


Natural Health Organics Foods A full service health food store. They are generous enough to carry our Family Friendly Farm eggs for the convenience of all our mutual customers. When I don’t have a local farmer growing for me, they keep me stocked in fresh veggies and potatoes. They were also kind enough to carry our favorite sardines so I don’t have to buy online..
Gillard Family Honey Our wonderful local bee keeper, Grant Gillard! We keep the store stocked with his local, raw honey. Look at the links above to find your very own bee keeper.
Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood Tony Woods, who lives in near Carbondale, IL, spends his summers fishing in Alaska so he can spend his winters in our area selling his salmon. You can find his amazing salmon in the Family Friendly Farm store.
SEMO Organics Coop Amazing local coop that has monthly group buys. This is where I get my Wild Planet sardines, dry beans, sucanat, pink Himilayan sea salt, Celtic sea salt, Braggs apple cider vinegar, and other dry goods.
Azure Standard Coop NOT local but they do deliver here.Best prices for organic and natural foods delivered monthly. This is where I get my frozen blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, green beans and garden peas.


Berkey Water Filters They set the standard for quality water filters. You will not be disappointed in the quality or ease of use!
Vitamix blender A treat to use every time. The ultimate blender. Did you know that it is only 90-120 seconds to make a batch of butter in this thing! Talk about time savings.
Cuisinart Cookware Beautiful and functional cookware. All stainless so no worries.
Excalibur Dehydrator You haven’t eaten jerky until you have had homemade!


Young Living Essential Oils My favorite way to build up and support the body systems, help the body detox, de-methylate (see MTHFR), and more. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t allow free speech on the internet or I would share our amazing, inspiring and eye-opening stories. I would love to talk to you in person. Call me, come to the farm store or to one of my many meetings.
23 and Me The place to go to get the answers for MTHFR mutations. They will do the testing but not the interpretation. It is only $100 and you get $20 off for each extra person (so families get discounts).
Genetic Genie  Interpretation of the results from 23 and Me.
Entrolab Reliable results for food allergies and especially Celiac’s disease genetic testing.
Direct Labs Discount prices available through this link! Easy solution to finding answers to your questions.


HSLDA Best attorney’s ever for homeschoolers. You just never know when government officials will knock on your door for an unjustified cause.
Southeast Missouri Homeschool Coop Love this group of people who will work hard to provide awesome opportunities for the children in our homeschool group!
Homeschool Buyers Co-op Great way to save money up to 93%!


Legal Zoom.com An easy to use way to get the state specific forms you need for wills, trusts, lease agreements, etc…
Defender Pad & Defender Shield Keep your family safe from radiation from iPad, tablets and iPhone and other cell phones.
Chelsea Green Publishing Some of our very favorite, life-changing books are printed by Chelsea Green Publishing. Without them we wouldn’t be farmers.


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