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Every Saturday, we offer Zyto Scans at Family Friendly Farm from 3-4 pm. Good news is you should be able to fit in your schedule. Bummer is that puts a limit of only 4 people in a day. If you have a family larger than this just let me know and we will squeeze them in. 

You can select the time that works best for you from the calendar below. Please write down your appointment time and address or put reminder in your phone. There are no refunds for forgotten appointments. 🙁

Each 15 minute session is just $10.50/person paid via PayPal or Credit Card online. Keep in mind with only fifteen minutes I do not have time to help you interpret the information but I can recommend books and other resources. 

Attention Downline members: I offer my downline members a special discount. You may purchase a 12 month subscription.

  • $20 for an individual
  • $30 for a couple
  • $40 for a family

Interested in becoming a downline member? Let’s talk! There are five or so classes each week so I’m sure we can find one to fit your schedule. Sometimes they have kits available that night as well. Just give me a call. 

If you want farm products like eggs and milk please choose the 3:00 pm time and do your shopping before your appointment. 


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