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Rachel Fasnacht, along with her husband, Matthew have actively been involved in building health in the southeast Missouri region through Family Friendly Farm since 2003.

In 2007, Rachel’s life was threatened by a devastating food allergy. She recovered with a great enthusiasm to help other people live exuberant lives!

Now she spends her time educating on the benefits of essential oils, leadership development, and helping people start successful businesses.


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About Me

My husband and I are entrepreneurs in many ways. The following are the three biggest.

1) We have a diversified sustainable farm. We raise grassfed/pastured animals for meat, milk, eggs and also aquaponic fish and vegetables which we sell in our store, to grocery stores and restaurants. We love helping people improve their health via nutrition!

2) We area also network marketing professionals. We help people build a home business with essential oils. Interested in learning more? Click contact me.

3) We love empowering leaders. Leaders are not born but developed. We help you build the skills necessary to do a great job.

We have a passion for service and love helping others using our skills. We pray we will be able to make a difference in your life, too.

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