Trials and Blessings in Our Everyday ...

trials and blessings

Have you ever read the book of Job in the Bible? His story is of trials and blessings. He suffered greatly with one trial, then another, then another, then another, then… you get the drift. It was the devil’s attempt to get him to turn his heart from and blame God for all his problems. […]

Who will you serve?

Who will you serve?

The Lord was working in my heart yesterday… via Instagram

Jesus came to save sinners like me

Jesus came to save sinners like me

It is easy to look at other peoples lives from the outside and judge. Yet when I look inward I know Jesus came to save sinners just like me. For that reason I need to change the way I look at others. It is my goal to have the immense patience of Jesus showing mercy […]

Boosting immune system

Boosting immune system

One of the really cool ways that we use the essential oil’s is on the feet. The pores on the feet are quite large and so it is especially easy for essential oils to enter the body. According to everything I’ve read, it takes 20 minutes for the oils on the feet to be everywhere […]

Unwelcome company lurking around my h...


I would love to be a great housekeeper. I am not. Never have been. Several years ago, my husband was bit by a brown recluse spider. It was a wild adventure that propelled us into a new business helping others get started with essential oils.  Along the way, we learned brown recluse spiders like quiet […]

Last two UNINTENTIONAL days in Texas

Last two UNINTENTIONAL days in Texas

Now that the convention was over, we did a big of shopping and site seeing and we headed back to the hotel for our early morning departure (4 am) when the car stopped running. Literally 1/2 mile from the convention center (not even out of the driveway technically).   Naturally it was on a curve inthe […]

Convention Days Three and Four


We had such a great start we were eager to see what the days ahead would bring.  First, a tribute to all the different countries present.  Then Mary Young, CEO of Young Living, sang the national anthem.        Then, finally I got to hear Gary Young, founder of Young Living speak. I was eager […]

Relaxation with Essential Oils Every ...

Relaxation with Essential Oils Every Day

Relaxation is an important part of a daily regimen.  Most people focus on daily work schedules, exercise, home care, taking care of children, and other personal chores for daily living.  Relaxation with essential oils can be an important part of your day, but most people ignore the importance of relaxation and rest.  Resting the mind and body […]

Convention Day Two

Convention Day Two

We started the day with an upbeat note, excited to get started, and to sweeten the deal our hotel had packed us a brown bag lunch!     Now, I’m pretty new to Texas. They say dry heat is different–you don’t sweat… Ha! It is hot!   After registration we all did a bit of shopping.     […]

Convention arrival 

Convention arrival 

Our trip was almost uneventful. We had to tend to the car rather specially to keep it running smooth but that was a minor glitch.  We checked into the hotel And realized I forgot a big with the diffuser cord, my toothbrush and other items! Disappointment! We then set out to adventure. We wanted to […]

How feeding calves reflects family me...


Naturally, as farmers, we need to feed the animals on the farm on a daily basis. One of the most enjoyable is feeding the babies, from chicks, calves and piglets. Every visitor enjoys watching them when they are here. Likewise, mealtime at your home should be a wonderful event that all look forward to. There […]

Gluten Free and Allergen Free Wellnes...

Gluten Free and Allergen Free Wellness Event – St. Louis

Join us on Saturday! Hear my story of healing from Celiac’s and a devastating allergy with a gluten free diet with our wonderful farm foods and essential oils! Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event May 16, 2015 10 am – 3 pm Holiday Inn SW – Route 66 10709 Watson Rd St Louis MO 63127 Admission  […]

Losers quit… Winners fail until...

Losers quit… Winners fail until they succeed!

As I prepare for the annual convention, I am thinking of the many times I gave up when I did not get immediate gratification. It is a but discouraging. I ran across this quote and it really struck a chord. Losers quit… when they fail. Winners fail… until they succeed! Everyday we have events, circumstances […]

Compassion = Calves in the house?

Compassion = Calves in the house?

What a crazy life we lead sometimes. This little calf, Katydid, needed some extra loving so our sweet granddaughter came to the rescue after a traumatic birth experience. This isn’t the first nor will it be the last calf. Compassion Having compassion and serving others is part of the job. This is the part the […]

What Is Your Purpose?

What Is Your Purpose?

via Instagram

Mistakes are proof you are trying.

Mistakes are proof you are trying.

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3 FREE Tools for Building Faith


We are what we repeatedly do. ~Aristotle I don’t think Aristotle was a Christian but his quote struck home as I prepared to write this blog post. Today, we will talk about things that we do and how they influence us as I share with you three free tools you can use to build your […]

My husband left: a lesson in prioriti...

My husband left: a lesson in priorities

The title is a little too dramatic. He left on a 12 hour trip to pick up a new truck. Well “new to us”. He milked early this morning and quickly had to leave so he can be back before milking tomorrow morning. I hate when he’s gone.   Every time we are separated by any […]

I Can’t See Where I’m Goi...


I have lived through various seasons and trials in life. Sometimes you can see the end result like finishing college or birthing the baby. This weekend, my life took an unexpected path… I do not know where it leads. It’s a bit scary.

Winter wonderland


Today we got to go sledding with our good friends. Everyone had such a great time. Afterwards we had hot cocoa and chili. Then we played to the very last minute before we had to leave. These are the moments we remember for years to come!

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