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When You are Blessed with Many Mother...

When You are Blessed with Many Mothers

 Through the years, I have been blessed with many mothers. Each provided me with different blessings as you will see.Though they were not all my biological mothers each loved me.  It was these women and my own children and grandchidren  who shaped my life. Now, it is time to step up my game and give […]

Be angry and do not sin

Be angry and do not sin

Can you be angry and not sin? The kids want to know. They don’t think so. God gives us the directive so I believe potential as well. I’ll share thoughts on how… Be angry and do not sin With three children we know all too well that you are not born with anger management skills. […]

3 FREE Tools for Building Faith


We are what we repeatedly do. ~Aristotle I don’t think Aristotle was a Christian but his quote struck home as I prepared to write this blog post. Today, we will talk about things that we do and how they influence us as I share with you three free tools you can use to build your […]

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