My husband left: a lesson in priorities

The title is a little too dramatic. He left on a 12 hour trip to pick up a new truck. Well “new to us”. He milked early this morning and quickly had to leave so he can be back before milking tomorrow morning. I hate when he’s gone.

  Every time we are separated by any distance I worry, “What if he doesn’t make it back”? Running this farm is a full-time business. There is no way I could do it without him. Before he leaves, we always discuss the priorities of what happens if he doesn’t make it back.

  1. Ask Jim to pick up the cows so they can be milked the next day.
  2. Ask Brady to take care of the chickens.
  3. Then cry.

When you’re a farmer you must at all times be very practical. There is always work to be done, more than you can do in one day. [ctt title=”One must always prioritize so the important stuff is completed. ” tweet=”Working hard comes naturally to farmers but it is vital for all of us to remember to do the most important work first.” coverup=”i2v22″]

Really, life should be like this all the time. Look at the following list of items. How would you prioritize them?

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Fun
  • Finances
  • Farm (your job)
  • Food
  • Fitness (your health)

I can’t say that I always get them right which is why they are in bullets not in numbers. I find myself procrastinating on certain jobs so I can indulge in another.  For example, I love my computer work and talking with people so I always make that a high-priority. But, I could live the rest my life without dishes and laundry chores and never miss them.

  Sometimes I take the strategy that I cannot go “work on the website” or “teach an essential oils class” until my housework is done. I find it especially motivating when people are coming to the house

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