Convention Days Three and Four

We had such a great start we were eager to see what the days ahead would bring. 

First, a tribute to all the different countries present.  Then Mary Young, CEO of Young Living, sang the national anthem. 



Then, finally I got to hear Gary Young, founder of Young Living speak. I was eager to hear him in person. People speak so highly of him online and even all the people I know think the man practically walks on water. I really seemed too good to be true. But I watched him, his wife, and his two sons over all these days and I was impressed. I guess there was a judgemental part of me that felt since he was rich he would be a snob, his kids would be spoiled, and I wouldn’t really connect with him. So I was surprised to find Gary and Mary to be  authentic and humble. I guess its me who was the snob who needs the personal growth!  I’m just being honest here. 

And the kids were an absolute delight with manners and sense of humor. I was able to hear they’re older son Jacob speak on a couple occasions. He was articulate and candid and did not seem spoiled at all. I met up with the younger son Joseph in the hallways the hotel on a couple locations. He was kicking around a soccer ball. Now I imagine after living in a hotel for two weeks he might feel cooped up. What impressed me was that as we approached he moved off to the side so we could walk past. No one was there telling him what to do.

Then they announced each of the new products. I appreciate how the company has listened to what people want and sought to fill their needs.  they now offer diffusers safe for children to use themselves and cute too; new oils, Black Spruce and Light the Fire; Zyng, an energy drink that is good for you; Cool Azul, a sports gel; Slique Chocolate bars; Protein Complete for meal replacements; and my favorite the Thieves dish soap laundry soap and fruit/veggie wash. 

The breakout sessions got into the nitty-gritty details of how to run a business as well as what the products are good for.

Then there were the motivational speakers. Having been ill for so long and overcoming it generally has me in the position of being the motivational speaker. It was a delight to hear someone struggles were different than mine and equally hard.  This young man, Kyle Maynard was just amazing. Born with no arm or legs he has done amazing things–like climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Really makes my laundry struggles pale in comparison. 

It isn’t just oils

I didn’t expect this focus either. It isn’t always about the oils but rather a lifetyle change  that is  so important. Of course, I know that as I preach it daily but I was surprized to hear the company teaching it to us as well. 

Here area a few iphone snapshots of Dr. Oliver Wenker’s talk. Looking for that magic oil? 


Sometimes we try so hard to look for the Magic oil we forget the basics… 

Like exercise!  

How’s your love life?   

How’s your mind? Looking to keep it in tip top shape?  

I love how humble and honest my upline leaders are. They are not fake or put on airs. I really like them. I have gotten to meet and know quite a few of them in the last two years. Look forward to meeting the rest over time. 
 Ooo. I figured there was such a thing but now I know where I want to be next year. 


This is me: a future Diamond.  

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